The best thing about decorating your home is that you're only limited by your imagination. Whatever you think you want the walls in your home to look like, the style of the tub in the bath you want or the way you would like for the kitchen to open up into the dining room are all decisions you get to make on your own. While you can hire an interior decorator to provide you with their insight and expertise in the end it's your opinion that counts.

When it comes to something like decorating your walls you have hundreds upon hundreds of possibilities to choose from. You can decorate the walls with African art that you purchased during a recent trip to Africa. Or you could ask your kids to draw or paint something and make the walls a reflection of your family's artistic talents. You can also go the standard route of just painting the walls or putting up wallpaper and leaving them bare.

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Maybe you spent a summer in New York and you loved it so much that you collected used New York subway signs art and have been waiting to do something creative with them. If that's the case then now's the time to dig them out of storage and start hanging them all over the walls in your home so that you can show off your love for New York. These are just a few suggestions we have that you can use when trying to come up with ideas as to how you should decorate the walls in your home.

The most important thing you need to remember when deciding how you want your walls to look is that you're the one who's going to be looking at those walls everyday. Whether you hang modern art on canvas on the walls or put up a bunch of classic movie posters you're the one that needs to be in love with it. You shouldn't worry about what other people are going to think about your walls or your decorating style. It's not like you own art galleries and you're in charge of putting on art shows for the masses. The only satisfied art lover in your home should be you and if you like the idea you've come up with to decorate your walls then that's all that should matter.

Good luck with choosing a theme for your wall decorations and we hope that whatever it is you go with in the end to decorate your walls, be it local art for people by local artists or photos of Italy, that you are 100% absolutely satisfied and in love with your choice!

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